The following are the minutes of the 97th KAPC Philadelphia Presbytery meeting

2024-03-29 22:55
The following are the minutes of the 97th KAPC Philadelphia Presbytery meeting

Date/Time: Tuesday 3/12/24 10am
Location: Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church (Rev. Seung Hwan Chung)
Chapter 1: Opening Worship and Communion

At 10am Stated Clerk Rev. Sung Heum Lee led and after singing hymnal #305, reciting
the Apostles’ Creed, singing hymnal #323, Rev. Soo Byung Lim prayed. Rev. Sung Heum Lee
read Romans 14:17, Vice-Moderator Rev. Sung Chul Kim preached a message titled “About Uncertain Things”,
sang hymnal #149, Rev. Gi Uhk Park led the communion service. After Rev. Shin Hyung Suhl of Montgomery
Presbyterian Church prayed, Rev. Gi Uhk Park read from and preached on John 19:28-29, Elders Hee Dong Kim
and Gyung Eun Lee helped administer communion, verse 1 of hymnal #288 was sung, the time was 10:51 am as Rev.
Gi Uhk Park gave the benediction closing the opening service and communion.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned until 11am in order to prepare for

Continuance: After hymnal #14 verses 1 and 4 were sung, Vice-Moderator Rev. Sung Chul Kim prayed to
start the meeting at 11:05am

Chapter 2: Order of Meeting

1. Member Roll Call

Pastoral Members (32)
Reverends Jung Il Kim, Taek Won Koh, Sung Chul Kim, Dong Jin Jun, Byung Eun Lee, Hae Keun Choi,
Gi Eok Park, Chae Wan Yu, Micah Park, Wang Gyu Chae, Shin Hyung
Sul, Seung Min Hong, Jae Chul Lee, Cheul Hee Lee, Young Suk Shim, Chang Hoon Oh, Sung Heum Lee,
Yang Myung Ju, Moo Sang Lee, Jae Hoon Jung, Myung Hyun Kim, Ji Hoon Kim, Gyung Chang Oh,
Soo Byung Lim, Jin Ho Choi, Ho Suk Lee, In Hwan Kim, Seung Jun Paik, Ah Rahm Koh, Michael Hoi,
Seung Hwan Jung, Joseph Oh

Elder Members (4)
Elders Hee Dong Kim, Kyung Eun Lee, Woon Yong Kim, Jong Jin Lee

Reported Absentees (17)

Yong Kol Yi, Hak Jun Kim, Sang Chul Yoon, Poong Woon Kim, In Hyun Ryu, In Kwang Kim, Eui Chang Kim,
Bahn Suk Park, Tae Young Yoo, Woon Park, Dae Hun Lee, Young Rohk Lee, Ah Rahm Koh, Jang Bum Kang,
Eun Woo Lee, Kwang Shik Gong, Dong Hee Lee

2. Call to Order

The Stated Clerk gave the roll call of 32 pastors, 4 elders, for a total of 36 members in attendance for
quorum; therefore, the 97th Presbytery was called to order by the Vice-Moderator

3. Report of the Docket

The Stated Clerk gave a report of the docket, and it was accepted for the moment

4. Report of the Clerk

The Stated Clerk presented the report, and it was accepted.

5. Audit Report

The auditor Elder Woon Yong gave the fiance report, and it was accepted.

6. Accounting Report

Accounting report was given by Elder Jong Jin Lee and accepted as is.

7. Nomination Report - Nominations

After the Nominations Clerk gave the report, Rev. Sung Heum Lee and Rev. Ji Hoon Kim,
expressing their decision to resign, Rev. Gi Eok Park re-motion to move as follows and
the presbytery approved the new list officers.

Moderator - Rev. Hae Keun Choi, Vice-Moderator - Rev. Sung Heum Lee, State Clerk -
Rev. Kyung Chang Oh, Vice-State Clerk - Rev. Soo Byung Lim, Recording Clerk -
Rev. Chang Hoon Oh, Vice-Recording Clerk - Rev. Shin Hyung Sol were nominated
and accepted by the presbytery, Accountant as well as Vice-Accountant and Finance
were to be handed to new Officers.

8. Transition of Old to New Officers

After the greetings of retiring moderator Rev. Taek Won Koh and new moderator
Hae Keun Choi, the new officers begin serving

Adjournment: It is agreed to adjourn until 1:40 for lunch. Elder Woon Yong Kim prays.
Continuance: Hymnal #208 is sung. The meeting continues at 1:45 with Rev. Chul Hee Lee’s prayer.

9. Appointment of Announcer and Inspector of Attendance

Rev. Gyung Chang Oh is appointed Announcer, Rev. Seung Hwan Jung is appointed as Inspector of Attendance

10. Committee Reports

1) Governing Reports
Steering Committee

Rev. Yong Il Suh has been removed from the pastor membership list as he has joined an another denomination
- Credentials Committee
1 Year Group Woon Young Baek, Dong Jin Jun
2 Year Group Byung Eun Lee, Woon Yong Kim
3 Year Group Taek Won Koh, Sung Chul Kim, Jong Jin Lee

- Examination Committee
1 Year Group Hak Jun Kim, Ji Hoon Kim, In Hyun Ryu
2 Year Group Yang Myung Ju, Gi Uk Park, Jin Ho Jung
3 Year Group Jung Il Kim, Micah Park, Chang Hoon Oh, Seung Min Hong, Sung Heum Lee

- Missions Committee
1 Year Group Jung Do Jun, Hee Kwon Jung, Sahn Sung Jang, Gun Ee Lee
2 Year Group Soo Heung Kim, Wang Gyu Chae, Sung Gook Jung, Byung Jae Oh, Sung Kwon
Park, Soo Byung Lim
3 Year Group Dae Soon Kang, Jae Hoon Jung, Myung Hyun Kim, Sung Jae Moon,
Seung Hwan Jung, Chul Hee Lee

- Education Committee
1 Year Group Sang Chul Yoon, In Kwang Kim, Nam Hyo Baek, Young Suk Shim, In Hyun Ryu
2 Year Group Kwang Shik Gong, Shin Hyung Sol, Hyun Gyu Jun, Sung Jun Kim, Ban Suk Park,
Sung Dae Lee, Jae Seung Baek, In Hwan Kim, Woon Park
3 Year Group Ho Suk Lee, Eun Woo Lee, Solomon Kang, Michael Hoi

- Minute Inspection Committee
1 Year Group
2 Year Group Seung Hyun Kim, Yun Goo Kang
3 Year Group Yong Kol Yi

- Outreach Committee
1 Year Group Dong Hee Lee, Jae Chul Lee, Gun Lee
2 Year Group Jae Wan Yu, Eui Chang Kim, Young Hoon Lim, Joseph Ju, Tae Young Yoo,
Hyun Myung Kang, Yong Gi Hwang, Seung Joon Baek
3 Year Group Jong Ho Yoon, Ah Rahm Koh, Moo Sung Lee, Poong Woon Kim, Moses Chi

- Finance Committee
1 Year Group Hee Don Kim, Gun Myung Lee, Bong Han Jang
2 Year Group Yong No Kim, Sung Eun Jung, Chan Yang Park, Jin Ho Choi, Sung Man Jung,
Dae Hun Lee, Seung Hyun Jun
3 Year Group Byung Du Byun, Young Rok Lee, Joseph Oh, Hee Dong Kim, Gyung Eun Lee
Auditor Hak Jun Kim, Jong Jin Lee, 1 new auditor

Standing Committee Nominations
- Standing Education Committee
1 Year Group In Hyun Ryu, Micah Park
2 Year Group Jin Ho Jung, Hae Geun Choi
3 Year Group Dong Jin Jun, Shin Hyung Sol
4 Year Group Young Suk Shim, Hee Kwon Jung

- Standing Youth Committee
1 Year Group Yong Sup Kim, In Kwang Kim, Chul Hee Lee
2 Year Group Sung Kwon Park, Moses Chi
3 Year Group Ban Suk Park
4 Year Group In Hyun Ryu

- Standing Theology Committee
1 Year Group Woon Young Baek
2 Year Group Poong Woon Kim
3 Year Group Taek Won Koh
4 Year Group Chul Hee Lee, Sung Chul Kim, Yong Kol Yi

- English Ministry Committee Committee Lead; Micah Park
Members: Ban Suk Park, Dong Jin Jun, Hae Geun Choi

Adjournment: Each committee was to meet, Rev. Jae Chul Lee prayed and the meeting was
adjourned from 2:15 to 2:45
Continuance: After Rev. Young Suk Shim prayed, Moderator Rev. Hae Geun Choi read from
Philippians 2:5-7 and the meeting continued at 2:46

2) Mission Committee Report
Organizational Report (President: Wang Gyu Chae, Clerk: Soo Byung Lim) is approved.
Financial support for Rev. Moo Sang Lee of Together Church as an unaffiliated church was approved.
Financial support for Rev. Jae Chul Lee of Milal Missions Group as an unaffiliated church was approved.
Financial support for Rev. Min Sook Kang as a missionary to Japan was approved.

Rev. Byung Eun Lee and Rev. Wang Gyu Chae did not request financial support and the presbytery
confirmed that they would not receive financial support from the presbytery anymore.

Missionary Applications to be presented at General Assembly
The application of Rev. Woon Young Baek as a missionary to be presented to the General Assembly has been approved.
The application of Rev. Gun Myung Lee as a missionary to be presented to the General Assembly has been approved.

3) Examination Committee Report
Organizational Report (President: Rev. Ji Hoon Kim, Clerk: Rev. Sung Heum Lee) was approved.
Isaac Park, petitioned for by Rev. Hae Geun Choi, has been approved for pastoral examination.
Won Han Chung, petitioned for by Rev. Seung Hwan Jung, has been approved for examination for coming under care.
Examination Agenda: Plans for examination education - Politics (Gi Uk Park),
Book of Church Ordinance (Sung Heum Lee), Articles of Faith (In Hyun Ryu),
Order of Worship (Chang Hoon Oh), Shorter and Larger Catechism (Seung Min Hong),
Bible (Yang Myung Ju), Pastoral Theology (Jung Il Kim)

4) Credentials Committee
Organizational report (President: Dong Jin Jun, Clerk: Byung Eun Lee) is approved.
The petition to increase the number of elders by one, as petitioned by Rev. Sung Heum Lee of Zion
Presbyterian Church, is granted.
The petition to dissolve Dongsan Presbyterian Church by Rev. Jung Il Kim, following the decision
of the previous 96th Presbytery, and the name Dongsan Presbyterian Church will no longer be used.
Rev. Jung Yeon Jung’s petition for a different name has been approved.
The Executive Committee’s petition to dissolve Yeo Su Loon Church is approved (For: 13, Against: 0)
An amendment to the Rules of Presbytery petitioned by the Executive Committee shall be submitted to
the Rules Amendment Committee, composed of past and present presbyters, who shall develop and
propose an amendment.
The ordination of Isaac Park, as petitioned by Rev Hae Geun Choi of Montgomery Presbyterian Church,
will be approved upon successfully passing the exam.

- Additional member name: Rev. Jung Yeon Jung
Education Committee adds Rev. Jung Yeon Jung for one year

5) Education Committee
Organizational Report (President: In Hwan Kim, Clerk: Shin Hyung Sol) is approved.
Report: 7/1-7/3 Summer Retreat, Location: America Keswick Retreat Center

6) Outreach Committee
Organizational Report (President: Jae Chul Lee, Clerk: Seung Jun Baek) is approved

7) Standing Theology Committee

An organizational report will be given in the future.

8) Inspection Report
(1) Eastern Regional Committee Report: Committee status is presented as in the provided printed materials.
Organizational Report (Regional Director: Dong Jin Jun, Clerk: In Hwan Kim)
(2) Western Regional Committee Report: Committee status is presented as in the provided printed materials.
Organizational Report (Regional Director: Chul Hee Lee, Clerk: Seung Hwan Jung)

9) Finance Committee
Deferred to the Executive Committee to resolve any outstanding matters related to the Finance Committee’s budget.

11. Adoption of the Meeting Minutes
The minutes of the regular presbytery shall be revised and supplemented.

Moderator Rev. Hae Geun Choi read Mark 10:46-52, preached a message titled “From Outside Inward”,
and prayed to end the Presbytery Meeting at which time it was 4:55pm

Moderator Rev. Hae Geun Choi Stated Clerk Rev. Chang Hoon Oh